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Some pictures from the 2003 Reunion...

Note:  Individual portraits are at bottom of page.


                First Generation                                            Second Generation


            Third Generation                                                Fourth Generation


                    Photographers                                                 Elaine & Elizabeth


                Lunch at Johnnie B's                                           Bruce & Friend


            Peeking in the "museum"                                    One of the displays


       Hand built by Maurice in the 50's                     Lincoln and Maurice   


                    Mother & her kittens                            Kailee, Alison & Shannon


            The everlasting swing                                            Ernie aka "Hot Wheels"


            Popular gathering spot                                        Birthday Cake



        Maurice & Patty                                 Loading up                                Kailee peeking


Portraits of all who were able to make it to the reunion ...



    Maurice                Maurine                        Jerry                    Patty                         


       George                 Joanne                          Lynne                  Todd


        Jack                      Elaine                   Ernie                    Sara                      Caleb                   Chris


        Lincoln                 Stacy               Elizabeth                Emily 


        Neil                  Mary Lou              Shannon               Alison                Mike                        


       Gail                    Peter                             Bruce                   Bryan


        Craig                   Nancy                     Sara                     Maia                    Eric                    Kailee