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                    1st cousins with spouses                                                2nd cousins with spouses


                    3rd cousins                                                                            Yard gathering


                        Bocce Ball                                                                The traditional ride...


          Elizabeth Climbing aboard...                                              Let's Go!


        Field Trip to Bob Harsh Farm                                Bob, Jerry & Lincoln


            Sara & Cara's Lucky Find                                    Maia caring for Alison back at the farm


Portraits of all who were able to make it to the reunion ...


    Maurice                    Maurine                                        George                       Joanne


        Jack                                Elaine                        Ernie                            Sara                            Chris


        Lincoln                        Stacy                            Elizabeth                            Emily


        Jerry                            Patty                        Cara                        Shannon                        Cody


        David                    Mary Kay                    Nancy                        Todd                                Eric


        Neil                          Mary Lou                    Shannon                       Mike                        Alison


        Bruce                        Donna


        Russ                            Cyndie                       Allyson                  Peter 


        Craig                        Nancy                            Steve                        Sara                        Maia